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At Betony, Ben Schmerler was not just my link to the food world media, but a trusted member of our team. With a keen sense of the NYC restaurant climate, I turned to him for advice and routinely do so today.
— Bryce Shuman, executive chef
When Jackie and I started Ample Hills, we knew nothing about running a business, and even less about the value of a great PR company. Ben Schmerler and First Press were instrumental in the growth of our company in those formative years. They helped educate the world about Ample Hills, and Jackie and I about the value of great relationships and great PR.
— Brian Smith, Ample hills creamery, founder
Ben and the team at First Press are dedicated to providing guidance and expertise in how to grow your business the right way for long-term brand equity. They have trusted, deep connections across the media and culinary landscape and are a small giant in the PR field.
— Rob sheard, zero point zero


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